Verrua senza Fili

Connecting to high speed Internet, for free, without limits of time and overcoming the difficulties related to the particular topography of the mountainous area, where the digital divide is still a difficulty which often restricts the activities of citizens and businesses. This is the meaning of the Project 'Verrua senza Fili' (Wireless Verrua), managed by the iXem Labs of Politecnico di Torino, who, on behalf of the Municipal Administration and with the collaboration of the TOP-IX Consortium, created and operate an experimental activity on the territory of Verrua Savoia.

The activity is based on experiments with low-cost communications devices that allow transport of very high bandwidth (up to 70 Mb/s), over medium and long distances (over 30 km0. By using these devices, it was possible to build a wireless network, over an area with significant size (about 32 sq km), hilly and therefore unfavorable to radio propagation.

Despite this, the network was built with almost complete coverage (95% of the population by the year extended to 100%). Citizens can use the service from October 1st 2010, there are no time limits and connectivity is larger than the one offered in traditional rural ADSL and also than the one already provided in 2006 through the first test conducted by the Politecnico in the Municipality, which had involved 65 end-users with excellent results. In addition, the service is completely free for all citizens.

Due to the large transport capacity, the City of Verrua Savoia will further develop local value-added services, unthinkable for a rural area: a Web-TV local weekly services for the elderly, managed entirely by the children of Schools Oratory.

The implementation of this wireless network is part of the activities of iXem Labs, who have been studying ways to ensure the broadband internet connection even in difficult areas and cost-effectively with the experiments of the connection record from the Capanna Margherita Monte Rosa in 2007 and carried out wireless networks and the Amazon in Africa.